An On Growing Community
Rob Skate Club Middle and Highschools Academy 2
The introduction of Rob Skate Academy in our Middle and High Schools is calling for modern changes in the social emotional approaches used for our teens especially our young men. Utilizing the natural curiosity with extreme sports in this generation we provide a welcoming environment that breaks down both social and emotional intelligence.
  • Partnerships with families and communities are essential.
  • Respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital.
  • Capitalize on teens natural curiosity and an early positive experience paths the road for self confidence and success

Collectively, the strategies, policies, and initiatives that schools undertake within these areas contribute to a positive school climate, in which all members of the school community feel safe, included, and accepted and which promotes positive, respectful interactions and healthy relationships.


  • School and Classroom Leadership
  • Student Engagement
  • Social and Physical Environments
  • Home, School, and Community Partnerships

The principles and pedagogical approaches that define the Rob Skate Program promote healthy-school principles and practices in all of the areas noted above. Children’s learning in the frames of “belonging and contributing” and “self-regulation and well-being” is focused on knowledge and skills related to health and well-being.

Rob Skate Club Middle and Highschools Academy 3