Action sports such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding have now firmly entrenched themselves in the threads of international societies. While participation in mainstream sports has experienced a decline in recent years, action sports, or lifestyle sports, have shown to be a high-growth sector of the sport industry globally. It is estimated that over 250 million people participate in lifestyle sports worldwide.

Lifestyle sports attract growing numbers of participants who enjoy the adventure-driven excitement that these sports represent. The culture and demographics of the participants, as well as the highly competitive corporate interests in marketing and sponsorship, have contributed to the rapid growth of board sports.

In association, this popularity has largely been driven by the undying interest of hardcore participants, the international popularity of professional action sports athletes, and the inclusion of snowboarding and other action sports disciplines in the Olympics.

Exploring Skateboarding's Evolution

Furthermore, widespread exposure to events like the X-Games, Vans Park Series, and Street League Skateboarding by broadcast channels and mainstream media networks has helped with the global popularity surge, especially among the younger generations.

Subsequently, skateboarding has become one of the fastest-growing activities. It has particular significance for youth all over the world. 

Skateboarding is open and accessible to all and relatively inexpensive to undertake, and as a result, the demand for Development Facilities has risen to support this rapidly growing cohort of athletes and enthusiasts looking to improve their skills. 

The ROB SKATE ACADEMY is a grassroots company that started in the Bay Area for the sole purpose of giving people a place to learn how to skateboard safely and freely without the worry of taking on any major injuries.


The Impact of Rob Skate Academy

The ROB SKATE ACADEMY has become the most reputable program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We believe in providing career opportunities for our fellow skaters to work in skateboarding pursuing their dreams. We are a very mindful organization that puts our employees first and ensures we provide them with optimal support always and relief when needed.

Of the many different influences our youth will be exposed to, skateboarding proves to have some very unique qualities. Skateboarding is intrinsically satisfying. Children naturally gravitate toward an activity that involves the freedom of rolling, turning, jumping and the different types of movements incorporated into the skateboarding experience. 

The different heights, speeds, and technical movements involved in the act of skateboarding provide a natural environment where one can learn to solve problems, build self-esteem, and overcome fears. 

Because skateboarding is so attractive to youth development and is most commonly an activity that they have chosen on their own, lessons learned may be more effectively retained. Educators understand that a child’s success in school is heavily influenced by the early childhood experiences that help form and mold a child’s self-concept.

To date, the Academy has involved over 38,000 young people via partnerships with the San Francisco school districts, including Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, San Francisco, Richmond & Union City, Seneca Schools, and Visions Home Schools.